Ukrainian MP Threatens Russia With Nuclear Weapons

The ultra-right “Svoboda” (Liberty) party representative in the Ukrainian parliament warns that if Russia doesn’t tread carefully it will be dealing with nuclear power.

“We’ll regain our status as nuclear power and that’ll change the conversation. Ukraine has all the technological means needed to create a nuclear arsenal – which would take us about three to six months,” Svoboda party MP Mikhail Golovko said.

The Ukrainian MP’s nuclear rhetoric is highly counterproductive amid the current turmoil, political and economic analyst Martin Seiff from The Globalist news website said.

“These threats are probably extreme, irresponsible bluff, but it’s very alarming to hear them being made in the first place,” he told RT. “The new government which has now emerged in Kiev and other figures, like this opposition MP, need to act in a responsible manner to earn the deserved respect, trust and cooperation of the international community. That comment is disastrously counterproductive and should be seen as such.”

American geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser takes the comment more seriously, in view of the financial aid the US and EU have been promising the new Ukrainian government.

“The money that we can’t use to feed the poor and the hungry in the United States and in Europe – that money is going to support Nazis in Ukraine with nuclear ambitions, who are looking to destabilize the region, and whose sole goal is the destruction of Russia,” Draitser told RT.