Russia fulfilling contracts with Syria for Tor, Buk and Bastion systems

Russia has not supplied or signed at least a single contract for the supply of even defensive systems or arms to Syria since 2011, Viktor Komardin, Deputy General Director of Rosoboronexport, said on Friday. “The contracts Russia is currently fulfilling were signed before 2011 and they are all 100% defensive contracts concerning mostly air defense … Read more

Ukraine: Right Sector Calls Urgent Gathering Of Supporters

KIEV – The Right Sector, Ukraine’s ultranationalist radical organization, has called an urgent gathering for its supporters in downtown Kiev following Monday’s clashes between police and protesters against amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution, TASS reports. “The blood of patriots has been spilt near the Verkhovna Rada [parliament],” the Right Sector said on its Facebook page. … Read more

Serbia Sold 282 Modernized T-55 Tanks To Pakistan – Report

BELGRADE – The Ministry of Defence of Serbia sold 282 T-55 tanks to Pakistan Army, which were from the arsenal marked as obsolete equipment, Serbian Daily ‘Blic’ reported. The deal was agreed at the Arms Fair in Belgrade, and the contract of purchase, worth tens of millions of dollars, will be signed next week. A … Read more

Zuroff: What Happened In Srebrenica Does Not Fit Definition Of Genocide

BELGRADE – It is absurd to compare the Holocaust, genocide in Rwanda and the crimes committed in Srebrenica, said Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Efraim Zuroff from Israel as one of the most famous Nazi-hunters. In a telephone interview for the Belgrade-based daily Politika, Zuroff repeated several times that drawing such comparisons is horrible. … Read more

At least 1000 Serbs fight in Ukraine on Pro – Russian side

At least a hundred Serbs are currently fighting on the side of the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine. In addition to 45 members of the Chetnik movement there also 20 volunteers, as well as 20-30 people of Serbian origin who had previously lived in Ukraine. Illustration Until now, three members of Chetnik Movement “Jovan Sevic” have … Read more