What to Do on Promise Day? Interesting Gifts on Day 5 of Valentine’s Week – 2024 Review

Promises are what relationships are built upon. It is the very foundation upon which everything stands firm. Promises are also the building blocks of any relationship. It is no wonder that in marriage customs, promises and vows are a big deal and there is a separate preparation as well as a ceremony for them. Promises are considered sacred and help to build trust and faith in one another. Promises are taken by the partners and are something intangible which cannot be shown but has to felt. However, if not directly, one can always indirectly express their promises with the help of gifts!

The Significance of Promise Day and Picking Special Gifts:

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It is fitting that a day such as Valentine’s Day is preceded by Promise Day, giving the lovebirds the opportunity to learn the significance of vows and take them seriously in order to strengthen the foundation of their relationship.

Picking gifts for Promise Day is not like the other days in Valentine’s Week. Promise Day stands apart. It needs to be special, and with the ultimate Day of Love drawing close, it would better be so!

What to Gift on Promise Day – Gift Ideas for a Lover Awaiting Approval

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If you are awaiting the approval and reciprocation of your feelings from your would-be Valentine, then sending gifts to her or him would be playing it close to the chest. Well, the first thing to be done is to let your feelings be known on Propose Day itself! A somewhat positive response is your go-ahead for further pursuit. Once you get it, then start thinking about gift ideas. Gifts for such a case has to be special, yet not so over-the-top that you blow it.

A potted plant is a strong symbol of promises and relationships. The more it is nurtured, the more it grows, healthy and beautiful. Such a beautiful gift puts meaning into your pursuit and shows just how much committed you are towards your love-interest. The same emotion goes with kittens and puppies as well. This would also become an excuse to get to see each other more often, thus paving the way for something special, waiting to happen!

Greeting cards may be old school, but they are ever so effective and ever so relevant, especially in the age of digitalisation. When everything that needs to be said is done through the exchange of text messages, it is nice to have something that is tangible. Get a special greeting card, one with music and lights! Write down your feelings and promises in your special way and then gift it to your girl or guy of dreams on Promise Day. Let the magic unfold!

What to Gift on Promise Day – Gift Ideas for Lovers in Courtship

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When two people are seeing each other, celebrating Promise Day gets to a whole new level with a big fat promotion. There is no better day to show the commitment and the effort that you are putting in and are ready to put in going forwards in the future. It is your day to light up the tallest building or the most famous one in your city with his or her pictures and promise to be with each other while enjoying the slideshow and (maybe) fireworks!

Take your beloved on a flight and just hold their hand and promise to stay beside one another, pick each other up and grow old together as you sail away in the calmness of the stratosphere.

If a dinner date at a restaurant is your thing, then go to the most special ones – the ones under the water, or ones on a glass skywalk, miles above the ground! No matter the location, just hold each other’s hand and give meaning and depth to your promises!

Promises are little things and sometimes, sending gifts which have an emotional attachment, to your partner is the best way to celebrate the day of promises! Click here to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts online and open up a whole new world of gifting!

What to Gift on Promise Day – Gift Ideas for Married Couples

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Married couples are those people who have already taken their vows during the customs of the wedding. Still, it makes a lot of sense to make new promises which help to move the relationship to a stage unthought of. Smoking and drinking are a way to release stress but end up harming the body anyway. Taking the promise to refrain from these habits would be a great way to move things forward. Although this is no “gift” idea per se, the implications that this promise carries is beyond any gifts.

Gifts will obviously make your partner happy. Think of precious jewellery, like a necklace or earrings for her and rings or bracelets for him. Gold, platinum, diamond, pearls – the options are endless! An engraved message or more fittingly, a promise would make it the perfect gift on Promise Day.

Watches are another great option to symbolise the time you spent together keeping your promise of never letting go. Such symbolic meaning plays a vital role in making bonds stronger than ever.

Photo frames are an excellent way to depict promises in physical form. Do consider the excellent rock photos and LED-lit frames to make Promise Day truly special!

Promises are meant to be kept. It is no use gifting your loved one if you fail to keep or live up to your promises. Promise yourself to stand by your vows and give your gifts a lot more significance, to begin with.