5 Eco-Friendly Tips For A More Fulfilling Life – 2024 Guide

Deciding to change your life is harder to begin than the actual process. We all want to live a more fulfilling life, but we rarely have the time or motivation to do it. However, if you have indeed decided to change things around for the better, then congratulations as you’ve just completed the hardest task.

We’re well into the latter stages of 2024, and eco-friendliness is very popular. So that’s why here are 5 eco-friendly tips for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

1. Consume Less Meat

img source: gov.au

Going vegetarian, or vegan, is very trendy nowadays. But this is not about trends, this about something much bigger. Cutting back on your consumption of meat can have a greater impact on the environment. We spend nearly 30% of the Earth’s surface to support and raise meat production. Furthermore, according to the United Nations, almost 9% of the total CO2 emissions come from the livestock sector. The livestock sector also generates 65% of human-related nitrous oxide. So cutting back on your meat consumption will not only be good for the animals, but also for the environment as well.

2. Recycle More

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From one thing that you should cut back, to another thing that you should do more, recycling is very hot in 2024. Most stores have started ditching wasteful plastic bags and now offer canvas bags as an excellent alternative to paper and plastic. Yes, that’s right, not only is plastic wasteful, but the paper is even more! A canvas bag is actually a pretty cool item to carry with you while shopping. It’s quite sturdy, can hold more items, and it looks cool.

3. Reduce Water Waste

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Water is sacred and we cannot live without it. However, there are a lot of regions in the world that are in dire needs of water. If you want to be more eco-friendly, then stop wasting water. Shower less, and install a low-flow showerhead. This will not only be good for your morning showers, but it will also significantly lower your water bill. You can also quit purchasing plastic water bottles and invest in a stainless steel bottle. To learn more about this stainless steel eco-friendly water bottle, make sure to check out Kool8.

4. Cut Down on Energy Consumption

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Just like there are dozens of ways to cut back on water consumption, there are hundreds of ways to cut back on energy consumption. Apart from the obvious benefit that you’ll start receiving smaller energy bills, cutting down on energy consumption is very beneficial for the environment. You can do this by unplugging appliances wherever you’re not using them, turning off the lights when you’re not in the room, lowering the thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer, use a dry rack for your clothes instead of a dryer, etc. If you feel as you cannot do all at once, start by doing it one at a time. We promise it will be a fulfilling feeling.

5. Go For Cloth Instead of Paper

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This one is exclusively for the moms out there. Namely, instead of buying a dozen rolls of paper towels for your next spring cleaning, why not use one of the family member’s old t-shirt as a rag? No one is going to wear the shirt anyway, so why not put it to good use instead of throwing it away?