8 Popular Beauty Treatments That Are Worth the Money

Every woman in the world wants to look beautiful and attractive, even if that means spending money in the beauty salons and spa centers. Recently we saw how we can take proper skin care at home, using high-quality and yet affordable cosmetic products. The result is shining skin and clear tan. But, not every beauty … Read more

Why Most Women From Serbia Do Not Visit a Gynaecologist

Serbia is on top of the list of countries with most patients suffering from cervical cancer. This type of cancer can be treated very successfully if diagnosed on time. Unfortunately, women from Serbia do not visit gynaecologists regularly. Most of them avoid making an appointment because they fear there is something wrong with their health … Read more

PCOD/ PCOS -The Health Problem

In this ordinary life, women do not eat on time, neither sleep nor take care of their health. In today’s era, the situation of women is more critical because they have to balance both sides of the house. In such a case, women have a high level of stress, and ultimately, they compromise their health. … Read more