First gondola for panoramic sightseeing in Serbia

BELGRADE – This spring will see the start of the construction of the first gondola with closed cabins for panoramic sightseeing in Serbia, which will link central Zlatibor with ski center Tornik, said Arsen Djuric, director of the Zlatibor Tourist Organization. “The municipality of Cajetina has paid the advance of four million euros to French … Read more

The Bridge of Love in Vrnjacka Banja

VRNJACKA BANJA – The Bridge of Love in Vrnjacka Banja, one of the 32 bridges, on two small rivers in Serbia’s biggest spa, has recently become famous as the New York Times mentioned it as the bridge on which sweethearts first started locking padlocks to the railings as a pledge of undying love, long before … Read more

Traveling to Serbia – 3 Best Hotels in 2022

Serbia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and if you are someone that travels on the regular and you still haven’t been here, crossing this one off your bucket list is an absolute priority. Whether you’re a nature lover and you want to explore the untouched wonders of the Serbian lands, … Read more