Arriving in Serbia by Coach – 2022 Guide

Serbia stands at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, its routes leading via the Morava-Vardar and Nišava-Marica valleys to the Aegean coast, to Asia Minor and to the Middle East. Regular coach lines connect Serbia to all neighbouring Balkan countries and the majority of Central and Western European countries. There is also a well-developed … Read more

Arriving in Serbia by Boat – 2022 Guide

Serbia’s inland waterways, on which an international and interstate sailing regime applies, comprise the rivers: Danube, at a length of 588 km Sava, at a length of 198.6 km Tisa, at a length of 164 km The Danube river is Pan-European Transport Corridor 7. Port director’s offices provide information about and instructions on waterway conditions, … Read more

Arriving in Serbia by Car – 2022 Guide

Serbia is located on Pan-European Corridor 10 which is the shortest route between central/western and southernmost Europe. It runs through eight countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. European routes E70 and E75 meet in Belgrade, E75 and E80 in Niš and E80 and E65 in Priština. The main road routes in … Read more

The Most Popular Travel Destinations In Canada In 2022

A calm but very cool American neighbor leaves everyone speechless with its landscapes and almost untouched wilderness of epic proportions. Interesting, bilingual, and sporty – it is also the homeland of the famous maple syrup. If you are planning Canada to be your next destination when you travel – here are the most popular travel … Read more

Tips for First-Time Visitors to Tanzania – 2022 Guide

The landscapes of Tanzania are both majestic and exotic. Once you get there, there is a wide range of activities that you can do from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which is often referred to as the roof of Africa to a safari that will take you through the amazing wildlife of East Africa. It is a … Read more