5 Chiang Mai Retreats to Cure Your Burnout

Everyone deserves a vacation, especially if you’re dealing with toxic people and an unhealthy work environment every single day. It won’t take long before you experience burnout that can affect your health—physically, mentally, and emotionally. What you need is a vacation that focuses on healing the mind and detoxifying the body—a holiday somewhere pleasant with … Read more

6 Reasons Why Kilimanjaro is Awesome to Climb

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Subotica – the jewel of northern Serbia

Subotica is one of the most interesting cities in Serbia due to the fact that it is the largest northern city in Serbia and due to the fact that it has been the place of co-living of many different ethnical and religious groups throughout history. It should be mentioned that it is a city with … Read more

Air Serbia Review

Air Serbia is the biggest and most popular airliner and flag carrier in Serbia. It was the state founded company that was privatized a while ago. Throughout the years, it has grown into a reliable and modern company that transports thousands of passengers all over the world. It should be mentioned that its main hub … Read more

Serbia Music Festivals

Some of the most popular, amazing and the biggest music festivals are held in Serbia. Serbia is a great host for the best award-winning festivals, that gather youngsters from all over to the world. The young people can see and hear their favorite musicians at a small ticket price but they will get the best … Read more