Actress Ruzica Sokic Dies At Age Of 79

BELGRADE – Famous actress Ruzica Sokic died this morning at age of 79 after a long illness. She died at 10:30 at the Department of Neurosurgery of the Clinical Center of Serbia. Ruzica Sokic was born in 1934 as the daughter of a merchant and co-owner of the newspaper “Pravda”, Petar Sokic (1893 – 1964). … Read more

Serb Mayoral Candidate Attacked In Kosovo

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA – Two masked persons assaulted Krstimir Pantic, Kosovska Mitrovica mayoral candidate of the Citizens’ Initiative Srpska, in Kosovska Mitrovica, north Kosovo-Metohija, on Friday evening. Pantic told Tanjug that the incident took place in front of his building when two masked persons attacked him. “After a few blows, the attackers ran away. I do … Read more


LONDON – Geneticist Eugene McCarthy argues that the human race was created by crossing chimpanzees and pigs. No matter how this claim may seem unbelievable, McCarthy is one of the world’s leading geneticists and probably the greatest expert for hybrid animals in the world. In his paper, McCarthy states numerous inexplicable similarities in the anatomy … Read more