Iran Ready To Resume Gas Pipeline Project With India

Iran is hopeful that the stalled gas pipeline project will be back on track and India will start receiving gas from its West Asian friend in the near future. Speaking at an event in the northern Indian city of Moradabad a couple of days back, representative of Supreme Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei in the South … Read more

Fascist Movement Takes Over Croatian Wikipedia?

The Ustasha movement was not purposely right-radical, racist and totalitarian, Masons are guilty of the emergence of Ustasha iconography in modern Croatia, anti-fascism is a restriction of fundamental freedoms, there were three-time more partisan crimes than Ustasha, and in Croatia, at the expense of tax payers, are regularly organized anti-fascist Chetnik celebrations. This is just … Read more

Kouchner Again Reacts Violent At Mention Of Organ Trafficking In Kosovo

PARIS, France – Bernard Kouchner again reacted violently after journalist Aymeric Caron told him that “Kosovo is a failed, mafia state whose bosses traffic drugs”. “You are sick… How do you imagine organ trafficking in a country in which hospitals are without electricity,” said Kouchner as guest on French TV “France 2″. Officials of the … Read more