Stojanovic: Albanians Urinated In Orthodox Church In Pristina

BELGRADE – Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Branimir Stojanovic strongly condemned the desecration of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Pristina, which, as he said, was committed by a group of demonstrators during yesterday’ protest, RTS reports. Branimir Stojanovic believes that such behavior is shameful and uncivilized, but that shameful is also the fact that, … Read more

Albanians Used Children For Provocation Ahead Greece-Serbia Match

BELGRADE – A series of Albanian provocations has continued ahead of recent Greece vs. Serbia football friendly in Chania, when one of the boys who accompanied the players onto the pitch crossed his hands over his chest, in a gesture symbolizing the double-headed eagle depicted on the flag of Albania, during the sounding of the … Read more

Albanians Proclaim “Republic Of Ilirida” In Macedonia

SKOPJE – “Ceremonial” declaration of Albanian so-called “Republic Ilirida” was performed in the center of Skopje, at the plateau in front of the statue of Skanderbeg, where self-proclaimed president – former member of the Macedonian parliament and leader of the “First Albanian party in independent Macedonia” (PDP) Nezvat Halili – read the act on self-proclamation. The self-proclaimed president is of … Read more