Environmental Concerns Derail Japanese Casino Plans

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have noticed that gambling is slowly taking over the world. We don’t blame you if it’s escaped your attention if you live in a state or country where gambling is illegal, but in territories that it’s permitted, it’s everywhere. The English Premier League – the … Read more

India, Japan Plan To Build Undersea ‘Hydrophones’ Wall

India and Japan plan to install an underwater wall of microphones in the Indian Ocean to track movements of the Chinese submarines. Abhijit Singh, a former officer of the Indian Navy who heads New Delhi-based think-tank Maritime Security Initiative at Observer Research Foundation (ORF), has said that India and Japan are ready to take their … Read more

Japan To Help India Develop Iranian Port

India’s desire for a firm footprint in Afghanistan and Central Asia receives a huge boost, as Japan has agreed to help the South Asian country in developing strategically located Chabahar port project in Iran. The project is important for India, which considers the Iranian port as a counterweight to China’s presence at Gwadar port in … Read more