Subotica – the jewel of northern Serbia

Subotica is one of the most interesting cities in Serbia due to the fact that it is the largest northern city in Serbia and due to the fact that it has been the place of co-living of many different ethnical and religious groups throughout history. It should be mentioned that it is a city with … Read more

Croatian Scientists Proved That Croats Are Descendants Of Serbs

Croats are descendants of the Serbs and the genetic match of both peoples is nearly identical, with the difference that Serbs are the older of the two peoples and therefore, practically created the Croatian nation, Before it’s news reported This exclusive discovery is the result of research by the prominent Croatian FA Institute in Zagreb … Read more

Croats, Bosnians, Serbs, You Have Been Manipulated, War Was Staged – Former CIA Officer

Over the years, numerous former military and secret service employees have written books about their jobs and goals of their governments. Robert Baer is a former senior CIA officer. He wrote many books about his former employers at the time of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. He worked in the former Yugoslavia from … Read more