Arriving in Serbia by Car – 2024 Guide

Serbia is located on Pan-European Corridor 10 which is the shortest route between central/western and southernmost Europe. It runs through eight countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. European routes E70 and E75 meet in Belgrade, E75 and E80 in Niš and E80 and E65 in Priština. The main road routes in … Read more

Arriving in Serbia by plane – 2024 Guide

The national airline Jat Airways, together with numerous foreign airlines, operates regular routes to the international airports in Belgrade, Niš and Priština from locations all over the world. An ever-increasing number of low-cost airlines also fly to Serbia’s airports. Airlines Jat Airways Bulevar Umetnosti 16, 11070 New Belgrade tel. +381 (0)11 311-4222 Call-Center: 0800-111-528 … Read more

6 Best Hotels Belgrade Serbia in 2024

Located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade is a beautiful city with much to offer. Whether you’re staying for just a couple of days or more, one thing’s for sure – you’ll enjoy everything you get to visit in Belgrade. But, where to stay? Here are some of the best hotels … Read more

Serbia Music Festivals

Some of the most popular, amazing and the biggest music festivals are held in Serbia. Serbia is a great host for the best award-winning festivals, that gather youngsters from all over to the world. The young people can see and hear their favorite musicians at a small ticket price but they will get the best … Read more

Flights to Serbia

There are two commercial airports in Serbia, one in Belgrade, the Nikola Tesla Airport, and another one in Nis, the Constantine the Great Airport. The Nikola Tesla Airport is one of the biggest on Balkan peninsula, with more than a 5,5 million passengers in 2018. Serbia is one of the most attractive countries in southeastern … Read more