Draza Mihailovic rehabilitated


BELGRADE – The High Court in Belgrade on Thursday rehabilitated General Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic, the commander of the WWII-era Yugoslav Royal Army in the Fatherland, restoring his civil rights, which he was stripped of in a politically and ideologically motivated trial staged by the communist regime in 1946.


Judge Aleksandar Tresnjev said that the court granted the rehabilitation request, annulling a ruling of July 15, 1946 whereby Mihailovic was sentenced to death and shot by firing squad two days later.

The court established that the controversial ruling was made in an illegitimate trial for political and ideological reasons, and, under the law on rehabilitation, the decision cannot be appealed.

The announcement of the ruling was attended by many media professionals and the audience included Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj, members of the Ravna Gora movement, Obraz, Women in Black and individuals wearing folk costumes and Chetnik symbols.


The first request to rehabilitate Mihailovic was filed in 2006 by his grandson Vojislav Mihailovic, who was later joined by several associations and parties.


  1. This is fantastic news! Anyone not familiar with General Mihailovic should read up on ‘Halyard Operation’, which was the rescue of 500+ downed Allied fliers, mostly bomber crews, from behind enemy lines. With incoming planes, the Americans were sending arms to the communists to fight against Mihailovic and with the same set of returning planes they were picking up their fliers from Mihailovic’s forces! Hypocrisy isn’t a big enough word to describe what was going on! American backing communism and helping to kill those who were helping them! Also, behind General Mihailovic in the above photo, to the right, in the US Army uniform is American Army Colonel Robert McDowell. He was in the ‘Operation Ranger’ mission that liased with Mihailovic’s forces and he reported on what he saw, including communist forces engaging Mihailovic’s forces with fire as Mihailovic’s forces were attacking the Germans. As they say, you can go and “look it up in a book”. The McDowell report can be found online. Mihailovic’s detractors will point to incidents of ‘collaboration’, which were often instigated by communist agents who did the deed and then went over to the communists. Now this bogus trial is overtuned, you cannot give someone a trial that is a mockery of justice, where the defendant is injected with mescaline in a hypodermic needle to make him more suggestive to communist questioning in the supposed trial, where Allied (United States) witnesses, who had been with Mihailovic’s forces on the ground and seen things for themselves and not communist lies and propaganda, were not allowed to give evidence because it would have showed the truth. All we need now is for the of the General to be located and for him to be buried with full military honors. As President Truman’s citation to Mihailovic said, he “…contributed materially to the Allied cause”. Finally, mention must be made of British spy James Klugmann, a communist who used his position to either make sure that people were not informed of Mihailovic’s progress in the war and also, in certain cases, even credited the actions of Mihailovic to the communists. That’s another one that people can look up in a book. The facade of lies maquerading as the communist version of history is crumbling.

    • All people who attack and who defend Mihailovic have party card of communist with serial no….

  2. I must agree, this is welcome and long over due good news from Serbia. Are Serbs just that stupid and brainwashed by 70 years of Communist anti-Serb propaganda, that they turn their own hero into a villain? Incredible. Imagine the value the Serbs would have had in Washington if they had recognized Mihailovich as the war hero and noble man that he was – an ally who rescued American pilots by the hundreds and fought the Nazis.

    The picture above shows him walking with American Major Robert McDowell!! What sort of Nazi is seen in WWII 1944 walking with an American Major? Of course, the Communists and their “show trial” made sure these pictures and the testimonies of the hundreds of American and British service men who served with the Chetniks as advisers, were not heard. They were banned from attending the “show trial” as witnesses. Mihailovich is true hero and if you look to see who is opposing this decision, you find only Nazis and Communists. Small wonder.

    • “Are Serbs just that stupid and brainwashed by 70 years of Communist anti-Serb propaganda, that they turn their own hero into a villain?”

      Serbs who supported him were murdered by Tito AFTER the war. Michael Lees, former British Intelligence Officer, who gained access to (mistakenly) released British files in the 1980’s, says that 250,000 Serbs were murdered by Tito and his government AFTER the war was over. And Michael Lees states that is a conservative number – the real number is likely higher. Then you had many Serbs fleeing to other countries, as well as the Serbian soldiers who’d been POWs, they didn’t return to Serbia – or they’d face death.
      People who didn’t vote for Tito were imprisoned or killed – they actually made it so they could see how a person voted. Dissent was crushed.
      It was the U.S. and British who greatly aided and installed Tito in power. They gave him and the Partisans a huge supply of weapons, as well as acting as their air force, much like NATO was the KLA’s air force.
      So yes the Tito Communist violence and oppression and brainwashing did have a strong effect. People were brought up on all those lies for over 2 generations.

  3. Finally! Draza Mihailovic, and what he did for his beloved Serbia–can lay at rest in a dignified manner, in the Historical Archives of the entire world. The only other issue to be addressed, is to find where they buried him, and give his remains a proper burial. Many people do not know all the details of the anti-chetnik attitude amongst some of the Serbian people, at the time of the war, as well as at the time of the corruption involved in his trial, and in executing him. There were instances of rogue, so-called chetniks cloaking themselves as chetniks; but, to the contrary, were only using their uniforms to kill, rape, pillage, and plunder their own fellow Serbians. These atrocities gave Draza, a bad name, and dirtied his reputation. I could go on and on about the real truths my father, who was also a chetnik, told me about all the fabrication, and lies, the Serbian people were fed about the real heroes of Serbia. However, in the end, the truth always becomes self-evident, when listened too, and examined by others, where no conflict of interest exists; as well as hidden agendas, by those who stand to gain power, money, and control of the masses. For evil to exist, it takes good men to stand and do nothing. You have been vindicated; rest in peace, Draza Mihailovic Cica, Eternal General. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNyEadCYfKs

  4. How many Serbians have a problem figuring out–when a charged party is not allowed witnesses, and any other evidence to support, there was no wrong done . . . then no way on earth, can a guilty verdict be cast by any jury and judge . . . unless, of course, the entire trial was rigged from the very beginning! This is exactly what was done to one of the best men, General, Draza Mihailovic, whoever walked on Serbian soil, much less, on Our Heavenly Father’s Creation.

    I am truly puzzled, as to why there has not been a large response coming from the Serbian people at large, over finally witnessing the reversal of one of History’s most heinous crimes; the diabolically orchestrated murder of one of their finest Heroes!!!!!!!