Stojanovic: Albanians urinated in Orthodox church in Pristina

Branimir Stojanovic (Archive photo) - Photo: BETA

BELGRADE – Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Branimir Stojanovic strongly condemned the desecration of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Pristina, which, as he said, was committed by a group of demonstrators during yesterday’ protest, RTS reports.

Branimir Stojanovic (Archive photo) - Photo: BETA
Branimir Stojanovic (Archive photo) – Photo: BETA

Branimir Stojanovic believes that such behavior is shameful and uncivilized, but that shameful is also the fact that, as he added, the police quietly stood and watched protesters as they entered the temple.

“Urinating in a sanctuary is shameful, uncivilized, vandalism,” said Stojanovic in a written statement.

As he pointed out, Serbian sanctuaries in Kosovo are constantly desecrated, but that temple seems to bother someone pretty much, because it is most often targeted by vandals.

Therefore, said Stojanovic, it is necessary to build a fence around the temple, as soon as possible, and prevent the perpetrators of shameful and uncivilized acts and further desecration of the temple.

“The quiet observation of the demonstrators by the police, as they entered the temple and urinated is also shameful,” said Stojanovic.

Recalling that the temple was desecrated many times, Stojanovic said that the perpetrators were never found, and that yesterday everything happened before the eyes of the police.

Stojanovic is therefore calling Kosovo Interior Minister to take punitive measures against police officers who, with their failure to act, enabled smooth committing of criminal offenses.

“Vandals have to be stopped,” concluded Stojanovic.


  1. Gdje ste Srbi bre, zar vi isto ne mozete otici i posrati se u njihovu dzabiju i uraditi sto oni urade Srbima to srbi trebaju uraditi nima. Oko za oko, zub za zub.

  2. To the EU, the very same ones that are gagging to get Serbia to join them, the same ones who think Serbs are worth so little that Albanians can trash graveyards, destroy and pull down Christian symbols and buildings – what is it to EU that these “people” who now run roughshod over land that is Serbian urinate in a holy place of Serbians. The EU have no care for Serbia, they never have, they betrayed any meaning to friendship when they bombed and invaded this beautiful land and demonised every Serb the world over. No international organisation gives warrant to any rights for Serbia. Europe and USA are disgusting and have the morals of those Albanians who urinate in a Serbian church.