How to Find WoW Sepulcher of the First One’s Raid Entrance Location

The World of Warcraft is a whole new dimension of gaming, just like a parallel world that exists together with us. It’s so realistic and the struggle to be better at it is real too, so it’s understandable why the people are so into it.

Many gamers are focused to improve their game, getting better at what they do, and also, they always hope for a new expansion to explore.

For those who aren’t aware of this fact, there is a whole story through the whole game, and only those who are careful and pay enough attention to it can get used to the new releases. But, there are people who only want to accomplish better results, without even trying to understand the rules and storyline. Those people are using every benefit they have, so they can go further and win everything that comes into their sight.

But, the passionate gamers who are so into WoW, understand why it’s important to pay attention and focus on the details. For example, the Sepulcher of the First Ones. What is that? If you are playing Shadowlands, this is the final raid of the expansion, and the eleven bosses are fighting against The Jailer.

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Waiting for the 9.2 patch

All the WoW enthusiasts are waiting for this big update – when the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid will be released? There are only speculations, and no one really knows the big day. Maybe Blizzard wants us to be impatient, so we can be more enthusiastic when it’s released.

We are all waiting. Even those who are dedicated to this game professionally, wait for the date to be announced, so they can start getting ready to help the people in need. Yes, we are talking about the people who are known as boosters, who work at the carry WoW Boost service.

Until the day is here, there will be so many speculations on how things will look, and where is the entrance to the raid?

What do we know about it until today?

According to the current laws of WoW, the Sepulcher shouldn’t even exist, but it exists – just the location is a well-kept secret, and no one was ever allowed to talk about it. The Jailer was trying to ruin this balance, so he can take over the cosmos.

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So, what would be the goal of the raid?

The Sepulcher of the First Ones, as we said, has a total of 11 bosses. It would last about five weeks, and in the first week, eight of the bosses will be released. They are Vigilant Guardian; Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener; Artificer Xy’mox; Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle; Prototype Pantheon; Lihuvim, Principal Architech; Halondrus the Reclaimer; and Anduin Wrynn. They will be available in Normal and Heroic difficulty.

In the second week, the other three bosses will be released from the Sepulcher, and they have three levels of difficulty – Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. These bosses are Lords of Dread, Rygelon, and the Jailer – Zovaal.

The Sepulcher of the First Ones is a First Ones-style structure sitting above Zereth Mortis from a separated island on the eastern finish of the zone. At first, you should fly to the Ancient Translocator found east of Pilgrim’s Grace to get to the strike which is opened toward the finish of Chapter 4 of the Patch 9.2 questline, forging a New Path.

Subsequent to flying being opened in Zereth Mortis, you can essentially travel to the attack entrance.

As now you know where the location is supposed to be, and who will take a part in this raid, you need to be aware that every boss has a role dedicated to their character. When it comes to the Sepulcher of the First Ones, you need to analyze their personality, so you can know where are you getting all the time.

Note: At this point, we want to mention that much of the information available on the unreleased WoW expansions come from the public test realm. That means, when this one is finally released, it may not be the same as we are describing in this article. So, our writing can be a good benchmark for your expectations, but until it’s finally released, everything is equal to gossiping among the players.

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When we can expect Patch 9.2 to be released?

There is no exact date for this one. Some previous announcements say that it will be available by the end of February, or the first days of March, but there is nothing official to this one.

About Sepulcher of the First ones, we know it would be a new zone with completely new raids, with different difficulties and rewards. Some of the gossips says that Tier sets will be back, and also the gear limit will be increased.

It will contain 26 item levels, but we still don’t have information on what achievements are expected to be embraced by the players.

Our final words on this

As you are waiting for this final stage of WoW: Shadowlands, we highly recommend you stay educated on the topic. As the time of releasement is coming by, there will be more important information, that can be useful for you as a player.

And when the day comes, you need to read the introduction story carefully. Maybe we already mentioned some of the exact things that will happen, but as we said, our article is based on the so-called gossip among the WoW enthusiasts. But, we are sure that most of them would be exactly as described here.

So, focus on your goal, get ready for that, find the perfect team, and don’t be afraid because it’s the final raid of Shadowlands. Even though there is no promise for new content, we really hope that there is more to WoW to come to us.

And of course, don’t skip on the booster-people who are always ready to help you, especially when you have issues passing through the map. It’s allowed and saves a lot of time and nerves too.