Croatia: Liberland’s President Arrested Again

ZAGREB – The president of the self-proclaimed microstate “Liberland” Vit Jedlicka was arrested again on Saturday afternoon, this time in the company of ten people, Liberland announced on its official website. The expedition’s two boats registered in Serbia tried to come to the territory which is considered to be Liberland, but before landing they were … Read more

Freemasons Gathering In Belgrade

BELGRADE – After recently held Trilateral commission meeting in Belgrade, Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia is set to host European Grand Masters’ conference in our capital. Along with European Masonic seniority coming to Belgrade in June this year- attendance is also expected from Grand Masters of North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Thus, thanks … Read more

Fascist Movement Takes Over Croatian Wikipedia?

The Ustasha movement was not purposely right-radical, racist and totalitarian, Masons are guilty of the emergence of Ustasha iconography in modern Croatia, anti-fascism is a restriction of fundamental freedoms, there were three-time more partisan crimes than Ustasha, and in Croatia, at the expense of tax payers, are regularly organized anti-fascist Chetnik celebrations. This is just … Read more

Latvia: Waffen SS Veterans March In Riga

Latvians who fought on Nazi Germany’s side against the Soviets in World War II staged their annual march in Riga on March 16 amid a heavy police presence. Around 1,500 people, according to one report, and more than 5,000 according to others, mainly elderly veterans and their supporters, took part in the controversial march, monitored … Read more

Serbia Under The EU’s Ultimatum On Kosovo’s Independence

Serbia entered a final stage of the European Union’s (the EU) informal ultimatum to recognize Kosovo’s independence for the exchange of starting the ultimate negotiations (the opening chapters) for becoming a full Member State of the EU. Serbia’s Government is currently under the direct pressure from Brussels to recognize an independence of the narco-mafia Kosovo’s … Read more