Albanians Proclaim “Republic Of Ilirida” In Macedonia

SKOPJE – “Ceremonial” declaration of Albanian so-called “Republic Ilirida” was performed in the center of Skopje, at the plateau in front of the statue of Skanderbeg, where self-proclaimed president – former member of the Macedonian parliament and leader of the “First Albanian party in independent Macedonia” (PDP) Nezvat Halili – read the act on self-proclamation. The self-proclaimed president is of … Read more

Nikolic, Meshkov: Excellent relations between Serbia and Russia

BELGRADE – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic met with Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexey Meshkov in Belgrade Tuesday and told him that Serbia supported in principle the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but it would not participate in any sanctions against Russia. Nikolic and Meshkov voiced their satisfaction about excellent relations between Serbia and Russia, … Read more

Kosovo: Construction of Pristina-Skopje highway starts

PRISTINA – A groundbreaking ceremony held Thursday in the village of Ugljare, situated between the municipalities of Kosovo Polje and Gracanica, marked the beginning of construction of the Pristina-Djeneral Jankovic-Skopje highway. Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci said at the ceremony that this is one of the most important projects that connects people and boosts economic … Read more

World’s biggest monument to Nikola Tesla unveiled in Prague

PRAGUE – The biggest sculpture in the world dedicated to famous scientist Nikola Tesla was unveiled in Prague on Thursday, in the presence of several hundred people and foreign delegations, the city authorities have said in a release. The monument, weighing 5.4 tons and measuring 6x3x3 meters, is the work of two sculptors and architects, … Read more

Floods in Siberia: 34,000 people evacuated, 18,000 houses flooded

A total of 34,000 people have been evacuated over the period of floods in the Siberian Federal District, Eduard Chizhov, Deputy Minister of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM), told a press conference on Thursday, according to TASS news agency reports. He said 18,000 houses had been flooded. “The rescuers have completed evacuation operations and satrted about … Read more