India Maintains ‘World’s Largest Arms Importer’ Status

India has once again emerged as the world’s largest importer of weapons and military equipment, accounting for around 14% of the total international imports. The South Asian powerhouse is followed by Saudi Arabia (7%) and neighbouring China, as the Asian giant occupies the third position in the global arms import list with 4.7% of global … Read more

Russia, China, India – The New Multi-Polar Order

Gone are the days when the US and Russia (read the former the Soviet Union) used to dominate world politics. With the fall of ‘communism’ in the 1990s, the US emerged as the lone ‘superpower’ in the world. However, time and again, China tried its best to counter American influence, especially at the UN with … Read more

Putin’s Upcoming Visit Crucial For India

Indian political experts believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit to India will be a crucial one as it will give a much-needed boost to bilateral ties. The Russian strongman will visit the South Asian country in December to attend the 15th annual India-Russia Summit. Ahead of his visit, the Indian experts have said … Read more