5 Lingerie Models that are Making the World a Better Place

Models get slammed for their career choices all the time. Negative stereotypes about models are widespread and range from ideas that models are shallow to assumptions that women who model have low intelligence and had to resort to modeling for money rather than pursuing a more “productive”—note the quotation marks—career path. The backlash against lingerie … Read more

What is the Message Each Flower Sends? 

Each flower has a name, color, characteristics, and origin. However, each flower is infused with symbolism and meaning that we are going to explain to you in this article. Unraveling the hidden mysteries of flowers is why we’ve written this article, and we’re going to do it through the age-old art form of Floriography. Flowers … Read more

A Brief History of Enamel Pins

Today, enamel pins are quite popular and they can be tiny symbols for almost everything, from known brands to political parties to actors and music artists. Thanks to the wide range of ways that they can be used, these pins are quite omnipresent today. Although it is not known where these pins came from or … Read more

The 6 Best Serbian Models of All Time

Every woman on this planet is beautiful, and that’s a fact. But many countries love to say that women from their country are the most beautiful. And one of those countries is Serbia, and many would agree with them. Serbia is a country with a lot of beautiful women, and it’s a country with a … Read more